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London flyers in the sixties  
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Thanks again to Charles for these two. Don't know where he found them.

Adrian Stern  Two new (very old) fliers


Thanks to Charles for this one. Don't know where he found it.

Adrian Stern  Nice flyer sent in by Charles. Where does he find them?


Adrian Stern  Thanks once again to Charles for this LET flyer and also for the Chitty Chitty etc one below


Adrian Stern  Thanks to Charles we now have a fine selection of old flyers. The streets of Soho and particularly Piccadilly Circus were flooded with these handouts in the sixties to the extent that I believe Westminster actually banned them? But they are also memories - I saw one was marked Tony. Wonder if that was Tony Smith from Bournemouth.


charles  well done Adrian, i am sure those beautiful old Flyers will bring back beautiful memories to many of us.. love the ones of Le Kilt and La Poubelle...


Tony Engleman  It was me the Tony, I was the manager from 66/69 this Birdland card was designed by Richard Fox Printer and myself.


Adrian Stern  The name Tony is on a card from the Scotch. But of course I remember you at Birdland - and remember Dick the printer. A lot of these cards were drawn by Barry - who's name I remember but can't put a face to him


Lesley  Great collection, Adrian and Charles. Lovely to see them.


Vibeke / Vibi  Indeed a great collection. I also remember quite a few of them, although some of them must be from later than 1969 when I left London. I, too, remember Dick, and like you, Adrian, I can't put a face on Barry. Great memories from several of the clubs. In Die Fledermaus I was the first DJ. Le Kilt was my second "home", and then The Scotch with all the incredible events!!


Steve Knight  One of those fold-over Le Kilt cards Martin issued to me as life membership card which he kept behind the desk. Said I would always be able to get in free if I ever came back. When I came back many years later they didn't know what I was talking about and I had to pay to get in. C'est la vie!


Adrian Stern  You should have mentioned my name! No but it's funny how we thought ourselves immortal and everything was forever!


Jon F  Adrian introduced me to Samanthas and to Jean-Pierre Manager. I can still remember the tune as I entered for the first time."I spy for the FBI"


Jon F  I met Adrian here in 1965. Went every weekend till about 1967, Very popular with quasi mods