Go straight to Le Kilt
Les Enfants Terribles
Le Beat Route - 17 Greek Street, London W1  
The Beat Route
17 Greek Street
This must be the La Poubelle/Experience premises at No 16, surely!

I found this descrition of the club here "Le Kilt was small and on a Tuesday night, but inspired by its success, Ollie O`Donnell, an old friend of Sullivan`s, and Steve Mahoney, start a Friday night party at the larger Le Beat Route."

This article says a lot: read it here

Got this mail from Lisa Verweel on 27th January and thought I'd include it in its entirety:

Hi Adrian,
Recently read stuff on disco daze and you mentioned Didi is a good friend of yours.
I knew Didi back in the 70s as I dj'd at le Beat Route when he worked at le Kilt,
it would be great to know how he is, many fond memories of those days Greek Street was buzzing then, or was it because we were all alot younger!
Anyhow if you do see him send my regards, he must be nearly 60 now...but probably still pulling the ladies!

Janina Checiniski  Hi Adrian
Lisa is my sister and i would like to make contact with her.
Thank you


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Graham Smith gets Spandau Ballet in his sights during the filming for their Chant No 1 video at Le Beat Route in July 1981: his then girlfriend fashion designer Michele Clapton sizes up the Shapersofthe80s camera technique, and itís true that Smithy did walk away with more pix in focus than we managed
br81chant11mcgs-dj40.jpg. Click on the picture to enlarge

clubsnowbeatroute a
clubsnowbeatroute a.jpg. Click on the picture to enlarge

sb81chantt-dj.jpg. Click on the picture to enlarge

Spandau Ballet
spandau le beat route.jpg. Click on the picture to enlarge