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Paul found this old flyer on-line - god knows how!
So we're sharing it

Adrian Stern  An old flyer turned up...


Just done a quick bit of searching and found these snippets: c

La Poubelle Great Marlborough Street London's first discotheque opened in 1959
The London Compendium
By Ed Glinert

The venue came to be known as a discotheque, the fancy French name stemming from London's first such establishment– La Poubelle which opened on Great Marlborough Street near Oxford Circus in 1959.
La Poubelle was run by the 24 year-old Louis Brown. It was suffocatingly small, there were no windows, air conditioning or fire exit, but it attracted a steady stream of curious socialites
West End Chronicles: 300 Years of Glamour and Excess in the Heart of London
By Ed Glinert
Adrian Stern  Jeff's comments about La Discothèque on Facebook inspired a bit of research


Jeff Dexter informed us that the first address of La Poubelle was 52 Great Marlborough Street, although there was a way in from the Poland Street Garage through the service road.
Opened in 1958 - don't have a closing date

Adrian  Well this page has been missing since the last major update and no-one told me! Now it's here. Hope you have some more stuff for me! And Lise-Lott can you put any more names to your pictures?


Then it was at 7 Carlisle Street.
Must have opened about 1963 or so - and was gone by 1967 by which time the premises were the club Die Fledermaus

Vibeke / Vibi  Die Fledermaus opened early 1965. I was the first DJ there. In the bar was Christel from Vienna and another Danish girl, Lis. Burt / Bert was the manager there as far as I remember. Started working in Le Kilt later 1965.


John Kirkman  I visited Die Fledermaus in the sixties and have great memories of the music played there. I seem to recall some fantastic French music and have always wanted to have a playlist of the French songs. Any ideas or comments of this time. Being the first DJ is something real special to me. Great memories of a great nightclub. JK


Adrian Stern  Difficult question John. There were so many songs in that decade. If you can limit this to one or two years I might be able to produce a list


John Kirkman  Thanks for the reply Adrian. I am regrettably unable to remember the exact year after wracking my brain but it could have been close to the opening years 66/67. Anyway, thanks for taking time out to take me back down memory lane.


Finally at 16 Greek Street
We opened the club in 1968 - closed? Well when did it become the Experience? Anyone remember?

Jon F  Jean -Pierre ( Belgian) former manager of Samantha's managed the Poubelle circa 1968 before moving in to manage Countdown (Newman St) in approx: 1970/1.


Steve Knight  Think Jean-Pierre was manager of La Poubelle in at least 1967 - I left Le Kilt in March 1968 and I'm sure that he was at La Poubelle the year before, possibly earlier.


Jon F  Possibly but I know he was at Samantha's in 67 when Adrian took me there :)


Adrian  There was no La Poubelle in 1967 Steve. Can't give a precise date for Carlisle street closing but Greek Street definitely opened in 1968


Steve Knight  The La Poubelle I remember wasn't in Greek Street but block or so away and that must have been Carlisle Street but my memory is faulty these days and can't place the year but definitely before 1968. Maybe 1965 or 1966?


Jean Dore  I worked with Paul as the Asst Manager at La Poubelle from the beginning before skipping out of London in 1969, I also worked with Stephen Less at La Valbonne when it opened.


Adrian  I know my memory too is faulty - but which Paul?




Jon F  Thanks I was never sure if it was Wells St or Newman St. Alas the old 78 Wells St. is no more. A new office development stands in its place. We used to go to Countdown after Peguy closed at 11 pm, Peguy was a place to meet, Countdown was a club to drink, dance and smooch.


Dennis  Hi, In either 1970 or 1971 (more likely the latter I think) I used to go clubbing at The Experience most Friday and Saturday nights with a big bunch of mates. In a moment of nostalgic reflection I thought I'd carry out an online search to see if I could find any reference to the cellar venue or its exact address in Greek St, so your reference to it above has been a real help, Thanks